6/3" (15/8cm) Cam Folding Prop Graupner (2.3mm Shaft)


6/3" (15/8cm) Cam Folding Prop Graupner (2.3mm Shaft)

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Graupner CAM Folding Prop assembly for 2.3mm shafts, supplied complete with the following items:

  • White plastic spinner cap
  • Spinner cap retaining screw
  • Plastic propeller blade hub
  • Folding propeller blade retaining screws
  • 6"x3" folding propeller blades
  • Two grub screws to secure the hub to the 2.3mm shaft
  • Allen key to fit included grub screws


The back plate is plastic. The centre piece (or middle piece) and the shaft Adaptor are a single unit.

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