Womotec Mini Fan 480 with 2.3mm Shaft Reduced from £28.54 to £10.00 .


Womotec Mini Fan 480 with 2.3mm Shaft Reduced from £28.54 to £10.00 .

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The"Mini Fan 480" has been designed to accept the wide range of 29 mm motors, although it will gladly accept the SPEED 400 types as well. The glass reinforced five bladed rotor comes in one piece, which makes for easy assembly of the unit. It is strong enough to accept up to 700 W of input power.

With a standard SPEED 480 Race motor on eight cells one can achieve thrust figures in excess of 400 grams. With the Plettenberg 200-20-6 or similar, thrust figures of 600 g and more are easily achievable, and with brushless motors from Mega, Hacker, Kontronik and Lehner thrust figures up to 14 N have been measured.


Materials: Nylon, ABS, Aluminium

Weight: ca. 60 g with intake lip

Input power: 100-700 W

Max rpm: 45.000 rpm

Rotor: 5 bladed (68 mm) glass filled

Kit contents: Complete English instructions

Ageom.: 29,4 qcm

Aeff.: 26,2 qcm

Static thrust: 2-14 N


Important Note.

Please note this model is fitted with a 2.3mm Shaft, the 3.2mm Shaft is also available for an additional £5.99.

Please just let us know if you require the larger shaft size when you make the order and will add the aditional £5.99 to the invoice.


The central domed spindle cover is plastic and not alloy as shown in the photograph.



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