150 Amp Watt Meter Analyser (Reduced from £35.99 to £12.99 to clear)


150 Amp Watt Meter Analyser (Reduced from £35.99 to £12.99 to clear)

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This 150amp Wattmetre allows the user to display various power parameters which will allow you to select the correct Motors, ESC, Propellors and Gearing and will tell you the power consumption of your partlicular system.

Measures 8 Parameters

  • Volts - Real time
  • Volts - Minimum
  • Amps - Real time
  • Amps - Peak
  • Watts - Real time
  • Watts - Peak
  • Amps/Hour
  • Watts/Hour


  • To prevent peak currents damaging battery, Electronic Speed Controllers, motors, wiring and connectors.
  • Verify sufficient operating voltage under load.
  • Set cut off voltages, check battery capacity & health.
  • Confirm proper battery charger operation.
  • Measure receiver and servo current to determine if a UBEC is needed.

Important Note.

This product comes with bare wires so you will need to fit your own connectors to both ends of the cabling.

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