Half price clearance sale Top Model Kulbutin (Special Electro version in yellow) this is a one off.


Half price clearance sale Top Model Kulbutin (Special Electro version in yellow) this is a one off.

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Half price clearance sale no canopy down from £280.00 to £140.00

The special is an Electro Version in yellow of the Top Model Kulbutin, it was a special order from Top Model and is a one off in the colour.

A superb Revolutionary 3D Sailplane, which accomplishes knife-edges with ease.

Due to it’s all moving tailplane this aircraft is also capable of performing some “very unique” aerobatics manoeuvres, an exclusive new mechanism provides elevation control by rotating the complete stabilizer assembly over nearly 180°.

A very different aircraft with Jet like looks !

Historically, TOPMODEL became known as a pioneer of 3D flight. Today this reputation is further enhanced with the launch of the world's first production model 3D sailplane.

Sailplane enthusiasts will finally be able to enjoy also the thrills of the third dimension! New figures are now possible such as the "Kulbuto" plunge or the "Parkinson" loop.

In addition, due to its very light wing loading, the KULBUTIN can also fly in very light weather conditions, a rare characteristic for an aerobatic sailplane.

Designed essentially for slope soaring where you can obtain long duration 3D flights, the KULBUTIN can also be taken aloft behind a tow plane. To conclude, the Kulbutin is a super fun model for the third millennium that you can take with you everywhere!


  • Lightweight fuselage moulded in fibreglass and pre-painted in yellow
  • 2 piece plug-in wing and stabilizer design for easy transportation
  • Wing and stabilizer: pre-sheeted balsa foam core covered with Oracover®
  • Fin: balsa frame covered with Oracover®
  • A beautiful large removable clear canopy with polyurethane frame
  • An exclusive ball bearing stabiliser tilt mechanism
  • Top quality hardware
  • Complete assembly manual, fully illustrated with drawings


Wingspan: 1820mm

Length: 1350mm

Weight: 1.5Kg

Wing Area: 40dm2

Wing Loading: 37.5g/dm2

Wing Section: RITZ 1-30-10

Radio Requirements: 3 Channel 5 servos


Users Report by Sean Ellis Portreath Model Flyers Cornishman - RCMF


Having searched the internet for an unusual slope soarer, I came across the Top Model Kulbutin through West Wales Models. Having spoken to Mike and spending the money, I awaited the delivery. On opening the box I was immediately faced with one of the best kits that I have ever had the privilege to build. The characteristics that stood out for me was the quality of the moulding of the fuselage, the way that the wings were covered and the excellent hardware pack; just a little example the hard foam blocks for securing the servos in the wings - what a simple and excellent way of tackling this problem. The overall building took approximately 15 hours with care and detail taken with each part. The day came for the first flight, nerves running at a high, wind not quite on the slope properly but it had to be done. A flying companion did the launch, the aircraft simply took to the skies and did not need any trimming. After a few tentative circuits, a few maneouvres were carried out and what a sweet plane to fly. The landing was very easy with the model approaching like some of the pattern ships that I have flown, gluing itself to the ground. All I can say is I would like to fly it for a lot longer with the conditions more suitable but time did not allow. So I await for another weekend to come around.

Can I also thank Mike for his excellent advice and personal skills throughout the purchasing process. Many thanks. I look forward to the next Top Model kit - a powered Linea I think.
















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