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Aircraft Fuel

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 Bekra developed in conjunction with Bekra R/C and UK Heli Champ Mark Christy over the past year this fuel gives supreme performance in the harsh world of helicopters. A mixture of EDL and Klotz oils with NO CASTOR gives super clean running. Any chance of foaming in the tank has been eliminated with an anti-foaming additive.

                       % Make-up of Bekra Fuel

               E.D.L. Oil / Klotz Reg Tech     Nitromethane     Methanol

Bekra 10                      18%                          10%                   72%

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Optifuel... a new performance fuel that takes competition seriously

Optifuel is a range of model engine high performance fuels, researched, tested, supplied and made in the United Kingdom by PMA, Process Measurement & Analysis Limited.

A product of an extensive six month development test programme conducted by PMA, during which time Optifuel was subjected to rigorous flight testing and full technical performance analysis by professional model pilot Dave Fisher, Head of Flyin' Fish Model Helicopter Flight Training.
In the flight test programme the latest onboard monitoring techniques were used to log normal operational and extreme flying parameters from hard 3D to gentle flying.

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