Ducted Fan (Jet)

Ducted Fan (Jet)

Ducted Fan, or more commonly nowadays, Electric Ducted Fan (EDF). These aircraft fly by taking in air from the front of the aircraft (via a ducted impeller) and then expelling it at high velocity from the rear of the aircraft. This is achieved by use of a brushless motor housed within the fan unit. You’ll need a good battery (we recommend Flightpower batteries for this application) and a strong Electric Speed Controller (ESC), but these aircraft will give you most of the fun elements of turbine aircraft, but at  1/10th to 1/20th of the cost.

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The EP Jet Mirage DF45 offers a stunning moulded glass fibre fuselage with swept delta wing design, providing amazing flight performance in a practical size.

Kyosho’s many years of ducted fan design knowledge combines with the latest brushless motor and lithium polymer battery technology to realize a true dream machine. With a width of just 520mm, the advanced precision ducted fan unit built into the fuselage produces about 270g of static thrust. With a delta wing that generates excellent aerodynamics; realistic fighter plane performance is realized with the combined elevator and aileron control (elevon). In addition, the FRP fuselage and film covered balsa main wing, tail wing and canard (front wing) are almost completely pre-assembled. Only a few small assembly steps and servo linkage connection is required to get this delta-wing jet fighter airborne and ready for action.


What's included.

The item is just the aircraft with the fan unit and motor, to complete you will need to have or purchase the following items:-
Servos, ESC, Flight-battery, Transmitter, Receiver, Battery Charger, Cables, Connectors etc
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Turbine-powered model aircraft are steadily gaining in popularity, but many modellers are not prepared to pay the price of a small car to get one into the air.

The Twister is of Elapor foam construction, and gives you all the 'turbine' fun you could desire for little more than pocket-money.

Safe hand launching characteristics were an important requirement at the design stage. This is a characteristic which can by no means be taken for granted with EDF (electric ducted fan) models, but excellent results have been achieved by combining a low wing loading with a careful choice of wing section.

Although the Twister's flying characteristics are docile and the landing speed is low, the model is only suitable for pilots with some experience of similar models.


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